Saturday, 29 September 2007

Mother Brain

When I first saw Mother Brain I thought it was just a giant metroid. HAHAHA. I laugh at myself now, like I just did. However the question, which I'm about to mention, still remains. What exactly IS Mother Brain?

Some people say that it is an aurora unit from the, soon to be released, Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. Other people say that it is a prototype for the above mentioned unit. However, it has also been said by people that the space pirates created Mother Brain as an organic computer for their research. Metroid E manga says that Mother Brain was used -if not made- by the Chozo to store their data.

That is not the only question surrounding Mother Brains mysterious past and present. Another is, is it the leader of the space pirates? This is even more hotly debated than the former question in some places. Personally, I think it is more likely to be Mother Brain then the only other real contender (Ridley). This is because on Metroid and Super Metroid who is the final boss... Got there yet? f you really lack the knowledge then I'll tell you, Mother Brain.Also, it is Mother Brain who has the authority to destroy all the creatures on Zebes (or just Tourian on the first game) not Ridley. Admittedly, at the end of Zero Mission, you do fight Mecha-Ridley. But I'm sure that if Mother Brain had not blown itself up, that would have been resurrected in Mecha-form instead/as well.

Soon I will ask to more questions... What gender is Mother Brain? AND How did he/she/it get involved with space pirates? And why? (O.K it was 3 so what) Let's hope ~D~ will post their views on these 2 questions first (HINT HINT) So signing off for now.


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