Sunday, 27 January 2008

Super Mario Galaxy

Now, I for one, and I know ~d~ can say the same too, have been too busy on guitar hero 3 (and 2- im trying to crack hard) to play Super Mario galaxy.

But my brothers have already completed it.

So I thought I should share the experience with all 2 at most readers. It has been a MELTDOWN in our house. Because they suck at it. (These are the same brothers who got annoyed at SMS... remember?) Every single time they played a hard level... which for them was most of them... they got so annoyed. My mum was going to throw the Wii away. Seriously.
But now they've completed it with 60 stars. So they're happy.
The thing is, they bought a walkthrough for the whole game. Which for me, just ruins it. It's not as if it's particularly hard. It's not like Zelda, where you have the whole world and yet need to listen to the characters LONG explanaitions for what to do next. You just hop into a dome, and have some fun.
It's a fun game.
Basically, once you defeat Bowser and all that, you get to finish the game with all 120 stars. And when you've done that, you get this-


But now, when I play it, my brothers are always telling me how to do stuff! It's so annoying!
I've got to go.

Monday, 21 January 2008


Let's face it. The Ps3 is rubbish.
The graphics, I admit, are great. And in fact, I was playing a shooter at on my uncle's ps3, and when the guys head exploded it was SO realisitc... like moldy jam!
No matter what your opinion of the ps3 is, I thought I should share a couple of vids that illustrate my point.

So you see... well. Make your own mind up.

Friday, 11 January 2008


And that is the best thing about Nintendo. They are really nice.
They don't advertise their best games as 18-rated blood fests. They aren't all about the aldult market. Their games are fun, and for everyone! They gave us more great games this christmas than you can shake a Wii Zapper at, and everyone is still playing super mario galaxy!
So here's a short post- to the greatness of nintendo!

Friday, 4 January 2008

50th Post! And Knytt Stories!

Wow! 50 posts already! I have to say that I couldn't have made this blog so full without the help of my colleagues, ~E~, ~E.G~ and possibly even ~T~ and ~J~ even though the former isn't a member and deleted all his posts and the latter only has one post xD.

But seriously, if you find this blog through your daily surfings, please comment - we'd love to hear what you think of us, even if it's derogatory and insluting. We wanna know.

Anyway, my actual post content leads on from Nov 19 '07s post. That is, it doesn't concern a Nintendo game, or even a console game. Or even a game you have to pay for. It's a free game, downloadable from here.

And it's beautiful. You probably know my habit of describing vaguely pretty games a beautiful, but it really is lovely, in a different way to Grid Wars. For one, no neon effects, pretty backgrounds, even prettier tilesets, and even the enemies are pretty.

There are many options for screens - warping, shifting, no climb blocks, invisible blocks, three layers of ground, three layers of dynamic objects, and 2 tilests at once! It comes with a level editor, and to be honest, how would I know all this without testing it?

Once you get the basics, it's /really/ easy to make your own level. Then you can upload it to Nifflas' forums [google]. Seacrh for Hempuli, one of my IRC buddies!

I'm bored. Time to continue making my own level!


Thursday, 3 January 2008

Guitar Hero 3- If you haven't got it yet, you need help...

...and I apologise for my behaviour on the last post about 50 cent (cough*rubbish*cough), but you really do need this game.

Simply put, the guitar hero series are rythm games with a twist. Rather than tapping the x, a or y buttons, you have a Guitar Hero Controller, the shape of a real guitar. It has 5 coloured buttons for frets, and a strum bar for the bit where you strum (hell, I just realised, that dosen't actually have a name. Let's call it Simon. No, I'm not kidding. Really.). It also has a whammy bar, and if you don't know what that is, google it. Please. Or Yahoo. Whatever you want.
The good thing about Guitar Hero is that it is not jazz, pop (mostly) or plain old crap. It's rock.

Sorrry, let me say that again.


That's the justice it deserves.

Anyway, you'll never know how good this game is until you play it. To be completely absorbed into the best rock songs ever made, including songs by muse, Rage Against The Machine, Guns N Roses, Bloc Party and-my favourite- The Sex Pistols. Of course there are hundreds more, but I haven't the time or budget to give you the entire score.
In guitar hero 3, for the first time, the singer and drummer are all completly lip and drum-synched, which is a great change from the singer hiding his face amongst the mic, and... you know, the drummer might have been synched on two, but I was too busy looking at the notes. I don't think he was though.
the graphics are great, it has a better soundtrack from last time, and it's a guitar hero game. Obviously.
Im gonna finish my post by showing you the hardest song on the game- Through The Fire And The Flames!
Ya gotta love it,