Sunday, 27 January 2008

Super Mario Galaxy

Now, I for one, and I know ~d~ can say the same too, have been too busy on guitar hero 3 (and 2- im trying to crack hard) to play Super Mario galaxy.

But my brothers have already completed it.

So I thought I should share the experience with all 2 at most readers. It has been a MELTDOWN in our house. Because they suck at it. (These are the same brothers who got annoyed at SMS... remember?) Every single time they played a hard level... which for them was most of them... they got so annoyed. My mum was going to throw the Wii away. Seriously.
But now they've completed it with 60 stars. So they're happy.
The thing is, they bought a walkthrough for the whole game. Which for me, just ruins it. It's not as if it's particularly hard. It's not like Zelda, where you have the whole world and yet need to listen to the characters LONG explanaitions for what to do next. You just hop into a dome, and have some fun.
It's a fun game.
Basically, once you defeat Bowser and all that, you get to finish the game with all 120 stars. And when you've done that, you get this-


But now, when I play it, my brothers are always telling me how to do stuff! It's so annoying!
I've got to go.

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