Friday, 4 January 2008

50th Post! And Knytt Stories!

Wow! 50 posts already! I have to say that I couldn't have made this blog so full without the help of my colleagues, ~E~, ~E.G~ and possibly even ~T~ and ~J~ even though the former isn't a member and deleted all his posts and the latter only has one post xD.

But seriously, if you find this blog through your daily surfings, please comment - we'd love to hear what you think of us, even if it's derogatory and insluting. We wanna know.

Anyway, my actual post content leads on from Nov 19 '07s post. That is, it doesn't concern a Nintendo game, or even a console game. Or even a game you have to pay for. It's a free game, downloadable from here.

And it's beautiful. You probably know my habit of describing vaguely pretty games a beautiful, but it really is lovely, in a different way to Grid Wars. For one, no neon effects, pretty backgrounds, even prettier tilesets, and even the enemies are pretty.

There are many options for screens - warping, shifting, no climb blocks, invisible blocks, three layers of ground, three layers of dynamic objects, and 2 tilests at once! It comes with a level editor, and to be honest, how would I know all this without testing it?

Once you get the basics, it's /really/ easy to make your own level. Then you can upload it to Nifflas' forums [google]. Seacrh for Hempuli, one of my IRC buddies!

I'm bored. Time to continue making my own level!


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