Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Boo's rhyme corner.

[Due to the fact that Hallowe'en and Boo are just made for each other ^_^]

Is so fun.
And I can scare

I am Boo.
Boos are ghosts.
And scaring is
What I love most!

Look at me
I will hide
Turn around
And I will glide.

Thirty First.
Don't come near
Or you'll be cursed!


Thursday, 25 October 2007

For ElGenius

Just google 'Wii Lightsaber'



Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Here you are.

Haven't been on here for a while but seeing as I am but a loyal employee while ~D~ is the one who rakes in the cash I'll give ~D~ the information that he asked for. Anyway, sequence breaking, I'm not much of an expert on the subject but I have a very small amount on the subject. In fact, seeing as it is such a small amount, I think I'll assume ~D~ to have it covered and post with free-will.

Anyway, what to post.. What to post

ElGenius writes a blog about... The latest Wii release.

Ask any Ninty fan about when they got a Wii. Ask them what the first thing they thought when they first gripped that white/black remote of destiny.
Wow was probably answer number 1.
Star Wars and lightsabers is number 2.

I,for one, have spent an unhealthy amount of time thinking about when, and if, Ninty will release a lightsabre game for the former "Revoloution", whose name sounds like a rude bodily function. I thought about the graphics, the colours, I thought about the storyline, then for some reason I thought about pie, but I think I was hungry.

Anyway, the bottom line is that everyone exclaims about the potential of a lightsabre on a wii, thinking it is their great idea. But so far, the closest that the Japs have come to quenching our thirst for lightsabre-based wii game is Red Steel, with its awkuard controls... but that's a different post.

And know, finally, at a little known games show which I can't remember the details about, the creators of poos' little brother are showcasing the game which might just be all Game Geeks' saviour. It might be perfectly executed, with a gripping storyline, fast gameplay and Mario. Well, maybe not Mario. I suppose Jar-Jar Binks comes close enough. Both have annoying accents, and both are probably the Jesus of the gaming/movie world, and both jump down pipes.

But maybe it will be a flop, a mere merchandise of the SW saga.

Ill keep you posted.

~ElGenius~ :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The way the developers didn't intend it... or did they?

Venturing back to the subject of Metroids, this post is mainly about Metroid : Zero Mission, the grafficked, musicked and... erm... expanded remake of the original classic, Metroid. However, with an extra whole section after Mother Brain, taking place on the Space Pirate mothership, it was definately bigger, better, and possibly harder.

However, it was really quite easy to just skip items, even whole sections of the game. Sequence Breaking.

Now, the one thing about Metroid Fusion that was disappointing was that is was way too... linear. Metroid ZM let you go pretty much everywhere, using certain skillful tricks to skip parts and items, but Fusion had pretty much none of this. Sure, you could get missile tanks etc earlier than you were meant to, but that's it.

And that's part of the reason why Fusion was a little disappointing. It was an interesting, occasionally brain-busting and definitely nerve-wracking game. ZM, on the other hand, was interesting, fun, scary, and you could do it without even setting foot in certain 'necessary' areas. And you could do low percenters and 100%ers and speedruns and stuff like that.

Buy both.

But buy ZM first.

Hm, seem to have gone slightly off topic there. Oh well, keep an eye out for a better post about the philosophy of sequence breaking. See you then :D


Friday, 19 October 2007

Hi, the name's Fergus

I have the worst life out of anyone who is reading this. I am a thwomp, why must I be so? I am so upset with this lifetime that I thought I could end it by annoying Bowser, but he said he liked my style and he employed me, damn.

Anyway, you may be wondering how a thwomp can type on a computer. Well there is a machine which connects to our brain and we think "4" and it reads "4" and then "4" appears on the screen.

So anyway, I am very bored in this life and I have a disease which will kill me tomorrow, so I'm being loyal to the one person who was nice to me in my final week they're called - arghkkk, I'm dying, these are my last thoughts "post"

New template?

What do you people think of the new template? I was thinking of changing it... and if you don't like this one I can change it something else. Of course, if you like, I'll change it back to the black one if you want.


El Genius writes a blog about... him + super mario sunshine

Hi, this is my first blog about games on the one and only!
My username is El Genius, and I am a guest writer. This means i do not yet earn my ~x~ or ~y~ until I am truly accepted, or something. So...yeah.

Anyway, Super Mario Sunshine. Yes. I've got a vid here that tells you all about it, if your're interested...

Good or what? So, my brothers have recently picked the game back up, after they got fed up of looking for the cursor on the wii, and MY GOD, this game should not be played by stroppy 9 year olds. The amount of times I've heard mario yelling his head off, and that dah-dah, dah-dah-dah-dah-dah dah!!!!! music that tells you you've died, and then the hearing my brothers yell "UNFAIR! I DIDN'T PRESS ANYTHING!!! HE WAS OBVIOUSLY STILL ON THE PLATFORM!" etcetera, god, it's comic. It's like that because they are rubbish at games, it's obviously the game's fault.
Apart from that, it's a fun game, even though Mario treats Yoshis like slaves, forcing them to eat fruit, spit the juice at enemies and then carry mario on his back through the entire isle Delfino plaza. I never thought squirting sunflowers with water, or surfing on squids known as Booper bloopers, or even just running towards something spraying a back-pack supersoaker would be so fun.


~El Genius~ :)

Hiding, and scared

Let's just say Bowser isn't exactly pleased when his minions desert him, or even threaten to flee. We are in trouble. /me wants to get out of here - wait, did I just use an IRC command? Aaah, I need to steal a laptop, else I'll go crazy with geek withdrawal! See, it's happening already! Aaaaaaaah...

Look, at the moment, I'm hiding... somewhere. I can't say where, Basher has access to this blog (how does that work? I didn't know anyone else could post on this blog... unless... nah, that couldn't happen...

You see, there are two more members on this blog - Fergus the Thwomp, and Gabriel the Lakitu. Perhaps one of them invited him... perhaps one of them betrayed us...

We're staying low. We will escape soon...

/quit Jerry

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Waluigi: Spinoff master or 1-P deserver

Mwuahaha, Waluigi the winner. As of now, Waluigi has only appeared in spin-off games; there havn't been any games called "Waluigi World" or "The Adventure of the Great Waluigi". Although Nintendo don't generally name games like the latter anyway. However, I think that this should all change.

Waluigi should have hi9s own game, where you play as him, or he could have a cameo without being a title character. He could even be an NPC as the final boos on a game or something; or a normal boss, a mini-boss, a sub-boss...

He has, however, played a significant role in the spin-offs that he has appeared in. He was the final boss in Dance Dance Revolution (was that the name) in which he was the main baddy and the final boss. Also, in Mario Party 3, he was the only playable character in the game who had their own stage(as far as I remember, though Daisy had a duel stage) which meant that he wasn't playable in the story mode, although who gets Mario Party games for that.

However, he hasn't yet been named in Smash Bros Brawl, and we know he wasn't in the other 2 because they are already out. And this, in my view, should be rectified. Waluigi should be announced on Dojo tomorrow because while he hasn't yet had his own game, and Smash Bros isn't exactly a spin-off, IT IS LIKE 1 IN MY VIEW. What do spin-offs do, they get together a whole bunch of characters and make them do stuff. Whether it's race, play football or fight, that's what they are. Brawl is like that but from many series.

Too lazy to conclude.


Monday, 15 October 2007

Basher is back


Sorry, I'm perfectly calm now.
Today was one of the most eventful days of my entire career. And I am now the head of security in BOWSER H.Q. I reported the plan which was concocted and posted here by those idiots Jerry and Ringo. We have viewed the cameras and they haven't left the H.Q but they are hiding very well within it. We'll get them soon though, grrr.

Anyway, I am now going to patrol all around H.Q abusing my power to make sure that the Magikoopas responsible for my death suffer for the rest of their games. They'll be sorry.


Saturday, 13 October 2007

Game over - Try again?

You are a plumber. From Italy. Running around and jumping on tiny little platforms, almost skidding right off them. There are hordes of evil minions of death marching towards you at a terrifyingly slow pace. The sky is bright blue and there are green bushes everywhere, but inside your head, there is a huge grey cloud looming overhead. The world is a gloomy place.

And then you die.

Game over. Try again?

Game death. It is handled completely different than real death. Does Princess Peach go into mourning when a koopa shell hits Mario? Is the world doomed if Link loses all his health (and by the way, that's another interesting topic I may expand on at some point)? No. It isn't.

Why, then, do games strive to reach reality when you can't die? Think about this: A game in which when y0u die, it actually has implications on your gameplay - maybe not staying dead forever, but perhaps changing the plot...

But that would need, like, a load of space and a load of power. But still, here's hoping for an innovative game like that, eh?


Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Well, they broke the universe...

One word. Sonic. The speedy blue hedgehog of death, bringing about evil and destruction to all good things in life.

Well, that's what some Mario fans say, anyway. The idea of Sonic and Mario in a game together is mental. But that's all changing now. With Sega and Nintendo teaming up to create (possibly fantastic) games, all those cross developer haters will have to grin and bear it (that's a really dumb phrase, sorry) because with the advance on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, there'll be no going back.

Plus, those haters are really in hot water. Super Smash Bros. Brawl has a new character. Guess who.

I mean, it wouldn't bother me usually, but I really think that the SSB series is about the first party aspect of it all. No third-party characters means it's Ninty all the way. It's the ultimate fanboy game... but for how much longer? ~J~, ~E~, feel free to expand on this point - what will happen now Ninty have put 3party characters in the SSB series?

But still, maybe it'll be interesting... maybe Sonic and Snake will be good characters... but that's not the point! Will the casting away of a time-honored tradition have a detrimental effect on the game or not?

I'm confused.

They broke the universe...


Monday, 8 October 2007


Hi ~J~, I think that I know who you are but I would only say that I'm 88% sure. Really, I am utterly offended that I was not consulted on the matter, huh.

However, to make sure that this post is actually on topic, I will now talk about games. I am quite happy that Super Smash Bros. Brawl is soon going to come out, woo, I look forward to it like I look forward to the day when ~J~ meets a sticky cyber-end and is sent to the Underwhere (all of us blog-runners - cool I like the sound of that, blog-runners... hehehe - are secretly computer game characters) like ~T~ did the other day. He says to Queen Jaydes that his game wasn't truly ended so he should be sent back to Earth(? is that where games take place, I know, Cyber-Earth). But she wont even let him go to the Overthere hahaha. Anyway, with my long winded vengeance/Brawl message over I only have one more thing to say on the subject. (Brawl not vengeance) ANDROS!!! (in classic form)


P.S: Is De adminn'd a word

P.P.S: Are all of my posts going to have a "P.S"

A New Recruit

Hello my name is Blackacre Plum, well not really, (scary if it was true), and this is my first post in the almighty WEWRITEABOUTGAMES.BLOGSPOT.COM. Hopefully I can survive a decent amount of time without being excommunicated like one of the previous villians that joined. (Villian by name, villian by nature), so ummmm.......

~J~ out

[~d~ villain by name? lol, his name was Tom :D)


Ness - Champion of Earthbound/Mother, and character on the massive series SUPER SMASH BROS!

This post is about Ness's amazing Final Smash on SSBB, PK WHUPASS! This terrifying move makes Ness gain a blue aura around his body. Then, the whips out he skateboard and rides along to the very edge of the stage, and jumps up.

Here's where it gets technical - Ness twists his skatboard to the side ov his body while in the air (I don't know the name of this move, I'm not a skateboarding type) and time slows down. Ness shouts 'PK WHUPASS!!!' and then blasts horizontally off his skateboard straight across the screen, damaging all other players he gets near, with the burning fire now coming from his body.

Whenh he gets to the other side of the screen, he drops to the ground again, and his skateboard, which is still hovering, teleports back to Ness and he starts playing properly again.

It's an awesome move which has only recently been released on Dojo. Go visit the website now. It's awesome, also, has some better descriptions of PKwhupass and other stuff. Go look. NOW.

If you just looked, you've probably just realised that PK Whupass isn't an actual move. I made it up. Plus, if you're an avid Dojo visitor, then you probably knew at the start of this post that Ness wasn't even announced. In which case, you've probably been staring at the screen like 'What?' for the whole post.

Still, it would be cool if it existed, right?


Saturday, 6 October 2007


Today, ~T~ had a massive rage and deleted everything that he had posted on the blog. He then got deleted as a member and now he can't post, yip yip. Anyway, all of the members of the blog are very sad that he has gone of course, actually, we're not, oh well.

Good riddance is the only contribution I have to make. Also, I will call him an idiot, as I already have done in the title (well, that's who I meant anyway, it shouldn't have been plural though.)


P.S Now that I'm an admin I can revert it back when ~D~ changes my labels. yip yip!!!!!!!!

[~d~ De-admin'd, so there! :D)

Friday, 5 October 2007

A day in the life of... a Dry Bones

Hiya, I'm a Dry Bones called Basher, that is because I bash people. You should be able to see me in a lot of places because I am Bowser's most powerful Dry Bones so I'm always assigned to where Mario is heading, also, this is because I am the most loyal servant.

On the original game I was the first Koopa you meet in world 1-2. However, after Mario left the stage, everyone's worst fear happened, there was a loose Chain Chomp. I mean, I always knew that the people who kept them as pets were playing with fire, but they wouldn't listen to a lowly Koopa if I had told them not to do it. Anyway, the Chain Chomp broke free and I was one of many who perished in the rampage, so saddening, talking about my own death. Most people aren't able to do that, lucky for them.

Bowser came and looked for the skeletons of the Koopas that had been killed by the Chain Chomp and not only did he bring us back to life(?), but he also punished the Magikoopas who had been the ones keeping them in captive, something Bowser always said not to do. That is why I am so loyal to him, you just do not know how it feels, to be dead, and then be brought back to life. Also, you know how I said I was most loyal to him, well I read about Jerry and Larrys' plan, and I'm going to report it to him. Then they'll be sorry.

From the Dry Bones Basher. (32)

{to be continued}


A day in the life of... a Koopa

Hallo, mein name ist Ringo und ich bin ein Koopa... well, I'm not from Germany really, but Bowser's offering free German or Spanish lessons in case Mario tries to move to put us off...

I'm just learning it so it's easier when I try to run away... you see me and Jerry... oh wait, he posted already? That geek... you can even see by his picture... He looks like one of those retro goombas from years ago. He takes a special type of mushroom (the Retro Mushroom, if you really want to know - there's a picture to the left) to keep him pixelly...

I'm more a shy one... but together we make an awesome team... Team Awesome, I suggested... doesn't it rock?

Well, my designated computer time is almost up... better get back to writing a detailed description of all Mario's fault and weaknesses... bye people...

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

A day in the life of... a Goomba

Hey. My name is Jerry and I'm a Goomba. You know, I'm one of those mushroom things that waddle across the floor like... erm... a waddly thing. You see, that is me over there ---->

I have to serve His Highness the Great Koopa King Bowser. I really shouldn't be putting this on the interwebs, but he is horrible. The only perk is being able to see Princess Peach every once in a while...

Seriously, though, I'm going to run away soon enough. Me and Ringo, the Koopa, have got a plan - we're going to tell His Highness that we are going to capture Mario and Luigi, then we just won't come back!

Our master is stupid... He always tries to capture Peach and it never works... oh no... here he comes! Alt+F4! ALT+F4!!!!

Bowser's Minions

Bowser isn't a dinosaur, but if you are on this blog then you should already know that, to be fair. However, if, for some reason, you have just seen a screenshot of Bowser, not know who it is (why?), and thought you'd come on your favourite website "wewriteaboutgames" to find out, then you're in luck.

Bowser is the koopa king, a feared foe of the mushroom kingdom, home of Mario, Luigi, Peach etc. He has a terrifying army of koopas, goombas and the likes. Also, there are higher up forces at his command such as the hammer bros and lakitu. Also, featured as bosses in many games, he has stronger, one-off minions, which you usually fight as bosses in games. These include things like: Birdo, his children, (i mean Bowser's, not Birdo's), King Boo, Petey Piranha, Goomboss and Wiggler.

So, all in all, I think I've given you a reasonable overview of King Bowser's minions. You now know about them all who are important, (to me). This should also be helpful to those of you who are planning on keeping track of future posts. I wont tell you why (although this edit came late, in truth) but just keep track to find out.


P.S This message will probably be completely different tomorrow (OCT 5th, in England) because of ~D~ determination to edit every post. Even if it is just the labels.

[~d~ Yup, did just that :D Fixed a couple of spelling mistakes and got rid of a tag]

Monday, 1 October 2007

In which game can you jump on mushrooms and turtles, and eat flowers?

Which game has been called the best game ever, despite only being on the NES? (Well, you know Sony fanboys - graphics graphics graphics... ugh...)
Which game spawned many many sequels and mega boosted Nintendo to uber high status?
You probably knew from the title. Who would have thought that one mustachioed Italian plumber guy could have altered the course of videogame history so much?

*ugh, enough with the rhetorical questions*

Super Mario Bros. The very name makes me excited - even if it is at the thought of someone actually talking to me about good games for once - but the game is just... wow.
Eight Worlds. Thirty Two levels. 2 characters. Pixellated graphics. What more could you ask for?

OK, look out for more information about this AWESOME game. I'll be updating pretty frequently. While also posting about Metroid...

This is going to be confusing.

Keep checking the tags :D