Monday, 8 October 2007


Ness - Champion of Earthbound/Mother, and character on the massive series SUPER SMASH BROS!

This post is about Ness's amazing Final Smash on SSBB, PK WHUPASS! This terrifying move makes Ness gain a blue aura around his body. Then, the whips out he skateboard and rides along to the very edge of the stage, and jumps up.

Here's where it gets technical - Ness twists his skatboard to the side ov his body while in the air (I don't know the name of this move, I'm not a skateboarding type) and time slows down. Ness shouts 'PK WHUPASS!!!' and then blasts horizontally off his skateboard straight across the screen, damaging all other players he gets near, with the burning fire now coming from his body.

Whenh he gets to the other side of the screen, he drops to the ground again, and his skateboard, which is still hovering, teleports back to Ness and he starts playing properly again.

It's an awesome move which has only recently been released on Dojo. Go visit the website now. It's awesome, also, has some better descriptions of PKwhupass and other stuff. Go look. NOW.

If you just looked, you've probably just realised that PK Whupass isn't an actual move. I made it up. Plus, if you're an avid Dojo visitor, then you probably knew at the start of this post that Ness wasn't even announced. In which case, you've probably been staring at the screen like 'What?' for the whole post.

Still, it would be cool if it existed, right?


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