Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Well, they broke the universe...

One word. Sonic. The speedy blue hedgehog of death, bringing about evil and destruction to all good things in life.

Well, that's what some Mario fans say, anyway. The idea of Sonic and Mario in a game together is mental. But that's all changing now. With Sega and Nintendo teaming up to create (possibly fantastic) games, all those cross developer haters will have to grin and bear it (that's a really dumb phrase, sorry) because with the advance on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, there'll be no going back.

Plus, those haters are really in hot water. Super Smash Bros. Brawl has a new character. Guess who.

I mean, it wouldn't bother me usually, but I really think that the SSB series is about the first party aspect of it all. No third-party characters means it's Ninty all the way. It's the ultimate fanboy game... but for how much longer? ~J~, ~E~, feel free to expand on this point - what will happen now Ninty have put 3party characters in the SSB series?

But still, maybe it'll be interesting... maybe Sonic and Snake will be good characters... but that's not the point! Will the casting away of a time-honored tradition have a detrimental effect on the game or not?

I'm confused.

They broke the universe...


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ElGenius said...

Right on, man. That is so true.