Wednesday, 24 October 2007

ElGenius writes a blog about... The latest Wii release.

Ask any Ninty fan about when they got a Wii. Ask them what the first thing they thought when they first gripped that white/black remote of destiny.
Wow was probably answer number 1.
Star Wars and lightsabers is number 2.

I,for one, have spent an unhealthy amount of time thinking about when, and if, Ninty will release a lightsabre game for the former "Revoloution", whose name sounds like a rude bodily function. I thought about the graphics, the colours, I thought about the storyline, then for some reason I thought about pie, but I think I was hungry.

Anyway, the bottom line is that everyone exclaims about the potential of a lightsabre on a wii, thinking it is their great idea. But so far, the closest that the Japs have come to quenching our thirst for lightsabre-based wii game is Red Steel, with its awkuard controls... but that's a different post.

And know, finally, at a little known games show which I can't remember the details about, the creators of poos' little brother are showcasing the game which might just be all Game Geeks' saviour. It might be perfectly executed, with a gripping storyline, fast gameplay and Mario. Well, maybe not Mario. I suppose Jar-Jar Binks comes close enough. Both have annoying accents, and both are probably the Jesus of the gaming/movie world, and both jump down pipes.

But maybe it will be a flop, a mere merchandise of the SW saga.

Ill keep you posted.

~ElGenius~ :)

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