Monday, 1 October 2007

In which game can you jump on mushrooms and turtles, and eat flowers?

Which game has been called the best game ever, despite only being on the NES? (Well, you know Sony fanboys - graphics graphics graphics... ugh...)
Which game spawned many many sequels and mega boosted Nintendo to uber high status?
You probably knew from the title. Who would have thought that one mustachioed Italian plumber guy could have altered the course of videogame history so much?

*ugh, enough with the rhetorical questions*

Super Mario Bros. The very name makes me excited - even if it is at the thought of someone actually talking to me about good games for once - but the game is just... wow.
Eight Worlds. Thirty Two levels. 2 characters. Pixellated graphics. What more could you ask for?

OK, look out for more information about this AWESOME game. I'll be updating pretty frequently. While also posting about Metroid...

This is going to be confusing.

Keep checking the tags :D


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