Friday, 5 October 2007

A day in the life of... a Dry Bones

Hiya, I'm a Dry Bones called Basher, that is because I bash people. You should be able to see me in a lot of places because I am Bowser's most powerful Dry Bones so I'm always assigned to where Mario is heading, also, this is because I am the most loyal servant.

On the original game I was the first Koopa you meet in world 1-2. However, after Mario left the stage, everyone's worst fear happened, there was a loose Chain Chomp. I mean, I always knew that the people who kept them as pets were playing with fire, but they wouldn't listen to a lowly Koopa if I had told them not to do it. Anyway, the Chain Chomp broke free and I was one of many who perished in the rampage, so saddening, talking about my own death. Most people aren't able to do that, lucky for them.

Bowser came and looked for the skeletons of the Koopas that had been killed by the Chain Chomp and not only did he bring us back to life(?), but he also punished the Magikoopas who had been the ones keeping them in captive, something Bowser always said not to do. That is why I am so loyal to him, you just do not know how it feels, to be dead, and then be brought back to life. Also, you know how I said I was most loyal to him, well I read about Jerry and Larrys' plan, and I'm going to report it to him. Then they'll be sorry.

From the Dry Bones Basher. (32)

{to be continued}


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