Friday, 19 October 2007

El Genius writes a blog about... him + super mario sunshine

Hi, this is my first blog about games on the one and only!
My username is El Genius, and I am a guest writer. This means i do not yet earn my ~x~ or ~y~ until I am truly accepted, or something. So...yeah.

Anyway, Super Mario Sunshine. Yes. I've got a vid here that tells you all about it, if your're interested...

Good or what? So, my brothers have recently picked the game back up, after they got fed up of looking for the cursor on the wii, and MY GOD, this game should not be played by stroppy 9 year olds. The amount of times I've heard mario yelling his head off, and that dah-dah, dah-dah-dah-dah-dah dah!!!!! music that tells you you've died, and then the hearing my brothers yell "UNFAIR! I DIDN'T PRESS ANYTHING!!! HE WAS OBVIOUSLY STILL ON THE PLATFORM!" etcetera, god, it's comic. It's like that because they are rubbish at games, it's obviously the game's fault.
Apart from that, it's a fun game, even though Mario treats Yoshis like slaves, forcing them to eat fruit, spit the juice at enemies and then carry mario on his back through the entire isle Delfino plaza. I never thought squirting sunflowers with water, or surfing on squids known as Booper bloopers, or even just running towards something spraying a back-pack supersoaker would be so fun.


~El Genius~ :)

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