Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The way the developers didn't intend it... or did they?

Venturing back to the subject of Metroids, this post is mainly about Metroid : Zero Mission, the grafficked, musicked and... erm... expanded remake of the original classic, Metroid. However, with an extra whole section after Mother Brain, taking place on the Space Pirate mothership, it was definately bigger, better, and possibly harder.

However, it was really quite easy to just skip items, even whole sections of the game. Sequence Breaking.

Now, the one thing about Metroid Fusion that was disappointing was that is was way too... linear. Metroid ZM let you go pretty much everywhere, using certain skillful tricks to skip parts and items, but Fusion had pretty much none of this. Sure, you could get missile tanks etc earlier than you were meant to, but that's it.

And that's part of the reason why Fusion was a little disappointing. It was an interesting, occasionally brain-busting and definitely nerve-wracking game. ZM, on the other hand, was interesting, fun, scary, and you could do it without even setting foot in certain 'necessary' areas. And you could do low percenters and 100%ers and speedruns and stuff like that.

Buy both.

But buy ZM first.

Hm, seem to have gone slightly off topic there. Oh well, keep an eye out for a better post about the philosophy of sequence breaking. See you then :D


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