Wednesday, 5 March 2008

[abxytv] Brawl pt 1.

    Do you like fine jewellery? Always have trouble cleaning blocked sinks and drains? Tough! Because we're trying to sell car insurance! Phone us on 555-6kshhhhhhhh *end of commercial break*

    Hello and welcome back to [abxytv], after that... almost month long commercial break... We hope you've unblocked your sinks, cleaned your toilets, bought whatever JML have tried to sell you, and been on a luxury cruise to Portsmouth - but now, more Brawling!

    One of the things I'm most hyped up about for Brawl is the Stage Creator. I've seen two brilliant stages on the intertubes [a box with only one small entrance to KO people through, which means the damage meters go up and up and people are bouncing around like the balls in that Sony Bravia advert, and one where the floor drops away, where people are constantly running for their lives] and to be honest, replication of these is imperative. IMPERATIVE, I said. But I'm sure that even more brilliant stages will come my way... ON WIFI.

    And sure enough, Mr Sakurai has made sure that the game will never get old by [as well as the Stage Builder itself], making a /lot/ of things wifiable. Created Stages, Matches etc... if you get bored with the stages already on Brawl [and that's a long shot anyway] make your own. It's... well, it's genius. If Miyamoto is God, and Iwata is the Holy Spirit, then Sakurai is probably Jesus [and Reggie Fils-Aime is the bad-ass ninja dude who kicks ass and takes names [and was edited out of the Bible for being too... well, too Reggie]]. And Sony is the Devil, of course. Microsoft... well, lately I'm being nice to Microsoft, so I won't dub them as the Romans. Microsoft could be some other people. As an Atheist I struggle to name any neutral forces in the Bible, so...


    And to bring some nostalgia into your otherwise mundane lives, I give you this: Memorable Nintendo Quotes. Pay particular attention to the teaser at the end...

    ...oh god... I remember that... It was like... 3 years ago... *sniff*... Good times... as a reg on Gametalk/Wii... watching the whole of the Nintendo E3 Presentation... *sniff*... *eyes start streaming*... I REMEMBER! REVOLUTION!! WII!!!

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