Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games

Wow, this blog is collecting dust and losing intrest...

But, anyway, games.

Mario And Sonic at the Olympic Games.

I thought i'd do this one because ~d~ has a vendetta against that small blue hedgehog-formerly-needlemouse.

Yeah, despite the long intro-cutscene and Sega's trademark REALLY ANNOYING american commentry telling you what buttons you've just pressed-(Main Events! Rowing! Mario!)- i really don't mind this game. The events are genuinely fun- bar table tennis. God, i hate table tennis.

A lot of thought goes into some of these events. For example, the dream events are events that are completely out of fantasy, showing the surrealism nintendo are renowned for.
we're not big sega fans here at wwag, but this game gets a solid three and a half stars.

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