Sunday, 2 December 2007


Excite Truck on the wii. It is fast, furious and crazy. You get to drive at speeds besting the seisure-provoking Sonic Rush, and after zooming of a REALLY steep ramp, you go at heights rival to aeroplanes. Especially the ones from Heathrow- they are just >expletive<. Okay, maybe I should explain. In as many words as possible. Or maybe you should just see a video first-
Pretty crazy, huh?

Basically/not basically, Excite truck is a game where you race in trucks, duh. They aren't monster trucks, but they aren't measly cars. They're... monster cars.
The trucks go fast as it is, but you also have the option to use turbo- of which you have an unlimited amount, but have to watch the temperature or you will overheat. You also have a item that you can pick up called "POW", starting a siren sound, making you do the whole Sonic Rush thing and smashing everything to pieces.

So, with that, with any track, you have insanity. Monster crucks zooming about at Mario-Knows-What speeds.

But it doesn't stop there! When you go in the air off a ramp or something, if you get a nice landing you get a POW styley boost. So it's not just a rare pickup.
You also get a boost for, when you crash, tapping the "2" button as hard as you can. So if you get smashed, get a boost, do a nice landing, and then get POW, you are moving at about the speed of light.

That's not the end of this world of craziness. There are also pickups that change the terrain. This might be plunging a section of track underwater, flattening a hill making a shortcut, or creating a ramp 'n' rings. This is making a bit of road into a ramp, and then creating rings at the end. You have to fly through the air and get through as many as possible. You get a star for each ring you go through.

Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention. In a race, you have to collect enough stars to go through to the next round. You get stars for drifting on corners, weaving between trees, getting rings, getting air, getting a good position at the end of the race- and smashing other trucks.

So if it isn't enough to be racing around like Sonic The Hedgehog on some kind of drug, weaving in between trees, changing the ground in chaotic ways, players are encouraged to smash each other up. Is it me, or is that just crazy?

And that's what makes it such a good game. It's crazy. It's fast. It's exciteing. It's EXCITE TRUCK.

The soundtrack is prett cool too. It's like the best band in the world doing music for a game. Which I suppose it is.
I haven't had a reply about Mario's weight yet- I have no idea why. Do they think it's silly or something?
I dunno.

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