Monday, 10 December 2007


Gotta love Guitar Hero II. Or any game in the GH series. And to be honest, it's highly likely that, unless EG sells his soul to the devil, I'm the best player here. On Guitar Hero III, I play Final Tier songs on Expert in public places. Well, song [cliffs of dover] but still... And the only reason I haven't posted (EG, non-ninty games are fine, but ninty is more... us) is because I'm lazy! Now to the actual game.

The original Guitar Hero was released in 2005/2006 depending which country you live in, and it was pretty much the first PS2 game I liked, and it changed my perception of the console altogether. Why would such an awesome game be released on a rubbish console - and only now do I admit that, yes, the PS2 is a console to have.

And Christmas 2006 was when my parents got me a ps2, Guitar Hero, and Guitar Hero II. I bet it cost a chunk of money, and GHII was pretty much new at the time. I played those games, and I'm not kidding, every day. And after a while, I got to Expert level. The fun doesn't stop there.

With the release of Guitar Hero III : Legends of Rock on PC, PS2, PS3, 360 and Wii not long ago, I went out and spent a chunk of my money on the Wii version. To begin with, the songs were disappointing, but I got used to them. I'm rambling!

And with that I hastily conclude my post, not being able to focus my attention on one thing for more than about a minute...

EG? How long can you play GH for without injury? Picking slow songs generally gives you pretty much unlimited play, or at least enough that it won't really matter - but playing better songs like Thunderhorse, Six, Jordan [I'm sorry, is ANYONE able to Exp-complete Jordan? Well, obviously PriestMLH and Wulfe, but anyone else? And there's no hope of an FC...], Hangar 18 [with all of it's 9 solos], and strum-fests such as Stop! and Misirlou gives you about 10 minutes :D

Plus, people who wish to play Freebird, and do well, better not want to play any songs after that, because it KILLS. It's like TTFAF, only... erm, actually TTFAF hurts more. But Freebird still kills. And it's 10 minutes long >.>

The game case should say "Warning : Anyone attempting to play Yes We Can should have their ears smashed out with a huge hammer covered in beef. Because that's what it feels like to listen to it." Seriously. I don't think I have ever completed that song.

And yes, I love Red Lottery. Insult me now.

Is that enough? Apologies for massive post. I love this game. Possibly expect more.


PS. Devil in a Midnight Mass and Fallen Leaves by Billy Talent, plus Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother, should be on the next game!


~E.G~ said...

I agree. Check out youtube- some people have done custom songs on GH2 of DIAMM.

~E.G~ said...

btw, I have completed freebird on medium with three or four stars, and Smells Like Teen Spirit should be on the next song too!