Saturday, 29 December 2007

The post-christmas-post.

There were two presents left. One was a box. The other was another box.

One of them was big and chunky. It didn't rattle. It didn't sound like a plastic box when you tapped it.

Whereas the other was small, thin and plastic. It was a game box.

I decided to leave the game till last. I knew what it would be, and it would make all that practicing, all that hoping, and all that ROCKING worthwhile...

I opened the first.

It was Links Crossbow Training, complete with the awesome new Wii Zapper!

Dude, the only thing you need to know about this game is that you badly,badly need it.

But of course, you'll want to know why.

Not only does the Wii Zapper look cool, it handles really well. Learn to use it correctly, and you'll find yourself getting x24 combos, and the satisfying sound of an arrow striking one of those flying things and it screaming a mighty "AAAARROOOOOOOAOAAAAAOAOWWWAOOAOAORRRRRR!" before hitting the ground and poofing into red sparks.

Set in the graphically stunning world of Twilight Princess, Crossbow Training is a series of levels, split down into three challenges. These challenges could include Target practice, Ambushes, or anything. But best are the shootouts (the first one is pictured). In these, not only do you aim at the screen and crush the trigger in order to kill some bad guys, but you use the control stick to move about. You aim the cursor at the edge of the screen to twist your (graphically produced) head. The aim is to kill as many of a certain enemy as possible. Luckily, this includes the goblins with flaming arrows, so I got some revenge for them killing me a load of times when I was a helpless wolf in Twilight Princess... but that's another story.

Here's some tips for when you get this game. And yes, you WILL get this game.

1. Positioning.

It may take a while for you to get used to the Wii Zapper, but when you do, you need to make sure you've put yourself into the right position. There isn't really a RIGHT position, but make sure that you have your arms in a comfortable position. Try and rest them on something, maybe your thighs, to make sure you can pivot your forearms round, rather than frantically waving your arms and aiming off the screen.

2. Bonuses.

The more consecutive hits you get without missing, the more of a bonus you will get on hits. Make sure you are cautious in hitting things first time, if you find yourself not getting the target score.

3. Bonuses and bonus points. (And no, there isn't any difference.)

In some levels, like the Goron target game, you will have to wait for a minute until targets show themselves. In these occasions, you will probably find some pots or a scarecrow randomly placed there. Shoot them. Shoot them ALL! And when you shoot some of them, a gold... thing will pop out. Shoot that! It gives you more points than any targets or pots will.



Or any living thing without claws.

I opened the next present slowly. My fingers trembled as I carefully snapped the sellotape. I eventually just ripped it all open.

But you probably guessed that.
If you don't have this game, you need it.
If you don't have ANY guitar hero game, you need help. Or you need to stop listening to 50 f***ing cent. Seriously.
It has all new songs, graphics,, lip-sycing, drum-syncing, and guitar hero battles. Which are awesome.
Three words-
Now, Guns N Roses made good music, but they were assholes, plus the fact that it took me ages to complete his guitar battle today.
Anyway, I have to wrap this up. I've got tons of other xmas games to talk about, but I have to go play guitar hero at my friends.

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