Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Update on the insanity of Excite Truck

Okay, so we already know that Excite Truck is a great-yet insane- game.
(If you don't look on the past posts for something like "The most Insane game of all time")
But I was playing it the other day, trying to compensate for the fact that I do not have SMG (curse you...curse who? Curse Sweeden. It is Sweeden'a fault I haven't got Galaxy), when went onto challenge mode.

This is a section with three types of challenges.
Gate, ring and Crush.
In gate you have to complete a course, all the time being between the gates.
In ring you have to get enough points, entitely from rings.
And crush... that's the one I need to talk to you about.

There are 5 trucks apart from you on the course. In the time limit, you have to smash every single one of them, as hard as you can. You get bonus points for crushing them GOOD.

I was tapping the turbo button throughout the whole thing, skidding, sliding, cursing. I kept overshooting the trucks I was chasing. I had to do 18o degree turns in the time of seconds.

And you can go over the WHOLE THING, not just on the track. It's insane... but I think we've already established that.

Also, don't talk to me about the China track. I finally managed to get a turbo jump, and then I slammed into the great wall of China.

No reply from Nintendo. If other people could support me in also emailing the mighty Ninty, it would be appreciated.
so... see ya.
P.s: (if there is such thing on the internet), I am not putting ANY TAGS ON ANYMORE, until Dan explains to me what I should actually put. So good luck in finding this on a search engine. No hard feelings ~d~!

[~d~ says: tags are for explaining what a post is about. Generally, you should use tags already made, or, if no existing tags... erm... exist... then you should make a new one. Ie, this post is not big 3, excite truck, wii etc.]

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