Sunday, 11 November 2007


Crikey! This blog is collecting dust now... So I decided to post about Mario Galaxy as it seemed the right time. But then I Changed my mind. So here is my post topic... Banjo-Kazooie, the best game ever. The first of an excellent series in which you got to play as a bear, a bird and shaman + others. What can be better then that? And it even had a monkey. However, the shaman+ others will have to be ignored for this post as it's about the game, not the sereies.

What other game contains cheats such as 'red feathers' and 'blue eggs', it simply cannot be beat in terms of everythingnes. Another thing about this game which deserves to be described as 'superlative' is the main villain: Gruntilda Winkybunion. Great name, great speech and great strategy to defeat her, take advantage of the invincibility frames you get after ground pounds to avoid damage from the homing attack. This saves gold feathers.

Anyway, I will soon depart from this triumphant scene so I'm letting you know in advance. However, I need to give you some advice about this game: don't go onto Google, or whatever search engine you use, and type in 'Banjo Kazooie Note Door Cheats' because after you go to the sandcastle and type in all the cheats for them you'll realise that there isn't one for the last door... Unless you find someone's website who has greater skill then me and has found one, the I'll be mad.


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