Thursday, 1 November 2007


Hoohaha cackle cackle. With the other 2 blog-leaders gone, I wont go into details about the Lakitu (hehehe). I have now appointed myself as the leader, and no-one can stop me with Bowser's backing. Who am I? You say. Well I'm afraid to say that I can't tell you but I started off living in Bianco Hills but was bested by Mario twice. Then I moved on to social activities like golf and racing. After a while I rejoined the Koopa Troop but was eventually bested by the Mario Bros in a very cold place.

Anyway, I will use this blog to work out where Jerry and Ringo have gone (they escaped while Kamek was supposed to watch them after we found and imprisoned them), I don't know how yet but I can use a remote trace to their laptop as I know they continuously try to hack in with a "Bowser Laptop". So I'll bring them down. They'll be crying by tomorrow. AHAHAHAHAHAHA...

~P~ (Can't use real name)

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