Sunday, 4 November 2007

A Wii writes a blog about... itself.

This may be a tad ironic coming from a Wii, but I hate Nintendo. I'm not joking.
They called me Wii. I mean, come on. Surely they should have checked that it did not mean a bodily function in english. The game cube bullies me. Every day. I always have a comeback for him- at least I'm not square.
Then the PS2 says that that is not true, because he's a cube. The PS2 is a nerd. I hate him. So I told it. It started to cry.

And by now the DVD player has heard and is joining in, the little sneak, backing up insults. Or maybe that's just because is eject button is broken. I don't know.
So we all swap insults for about ten minutes, until the HD TV gets invlolved.

It shouts at us. It tells us how childish we are. The it tells us the news. Oh wait, that's just ITV.

So we just ignore him and get into a big row.

Then they bought a PS3.

They brought it through in a big box. They had obviously paid a lot for it, as they were all in rags. Ha ha.

They set it up, and played for a bit. The PS3 people came round to get the car that covered half of the price.

"So how do we get the money to pay for the rest of it?"
"Let's sell the PS2!"
"And the gamecube. We don't play that anymore."

I heard the PS2 and Gamecube sob a bit, and then they were picked up and taken away.
So, everything is alright at the moment. The DVD player is still broken, and the PS3 isn't very chatty, but I get by.

I just hope Nintendo don't release a Nintendo Puu, or I could be going soon...
(emailed to ~ElGenius~)

[...o...k... is this post insulting the wii, ps3, ps2, dvd player, hd tv... i'm confused. Does this post have a point.

I'm going to have to say though, there are some awesome quotes here. /me gives ~elgenius~ a cookie.]