Thursday, 22 November 2007

Dog Dog Dog

Dogs eat postmen... Well, in a fictional sense they do anyway. Just like people in Star Wars hit each other with lightsabers and people in James Bond shoot each other. So i decided that if it is o.k for people to make modes which you have to set up yourself on Smash Bros like beamswords for Star Wars mode and ray guns for James Bond mode, then it is o.k for me to make Dog Dog Dog mode isn't it. The rules of Dog Dog Dog are very simple, it simply involves three Bowsers and one peach (in her Daisy costume) to play Smash Bros on Brinstar Depths stage. No items on the dogs (bowsers) get a point for each postman (Daisy) ko and lose a point for each dog ko. Highest score wins. Meanwhile the plot sorrounding the adventure is even simpler. A letter has been posted to Kraid but the postman is attacked the end. I wasn't entirely serious when I created Dog Dog Dog but I have a strange feeling it will make me rich one day.

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