Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Still in hiding... and still scared

Phew... finally got a laptop! And ~P~? This isn't a BowserBrowser, so no tracing possible - in fact this was lent to me by someone who is a computer whiz, like me, and his name is [fdkfnb kjhbv;ymlab ouch. Sorry, Ringo just pushed me. He said I can't reveal the identity of the person who lent us this laptop. Those who know him will understand what I'm on about - he's a really good person, though, so let's leave it at that.

In other news, Ringo has been looking for a place where we can lie low for a while. He's got his eye on a nice place, where we won't be suspected, but we're going to have to move there quickly. Otherwise, Bowser, or one of his minions will find us.

And to answer your biggest question, reader, yes, we think we know who invited the dry-bones, we know who is the traitor here, and he is ilebhpqprqobneobhj;.mbq;hqbg;bbq OUCH. That hurt ¬.¬ Apparently I have to keep silent until we put our plan into action - but I've said too much. Loyal readers who want to find the identity of the traitor... I've helped you out a bit. All Bowser's minions are too idiotic to break this incredible code, so I think I could possibly give you a clue, some kind of hint... hm. Perhaps not. Just read it through again.

/quit Jerry


Mikey said...

The reason I like this BLOG so much is because it takes brains to write what your writing. Not to mention the humor factor. What gave you the idea to start a BLOG like this?

~d~ said...

Basically, we went 'hmm, we know a lot about games, why not start a blog!' ;-)


~E.G~ said...

plus we have nothing better to do!