Saturday, 17 November 2007

A Newcomer

I would say that our chances of failure have now been reduced to 12.98765854746736475847346353446574649860000899788577354233243454565768798086765542323134326674%.
I know it to such a precise level because Bowser's super computer really is super. We have at least 3 squadrons (2 chain-chomps, 30 goombas, 10 koopa-paratroopas, 20 koopas, 5 boo, a monty mole, 5 magikoopas, a lakitu, 6 hammer bro teams and a koopatrol -commander-) in every square km of the Mushroom Kingdom. So unless the rouges travelled very fast, they wont evade us. The only reason we post here is to scare them... but I think that all the minions they see will do that jod anyway, but I wont disobey Bowser's orders.


P.S The necomer is Sjohp (coded)

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