Monday, 19 November 2007

Electric lights in a fluid sky...

Now, this post makes a change from our usually Nintendo-themed blog. The game I'm going to write about is a PC game - a free one - but it is very pretty and addictive, so I thought I'd throw it in here.

The backstory of this game is a vaguely uninteresting one, but I will include it anyway, just in case. Basically, I got a account. A while back. If you want to know when, there's a post aboput on my other, dead, blog. But anyway.

Then I discovered the magic that is, and I check it regularly now. And today, I found this. Now, as a Windows User and a Windows Disliker, I thought 'Hm. If I switch to Ubuntu,' which I wanted to do, already having gotten hold of the live CD, 'What games can I play?'

Number 2. That's right, a Geometry Wars clone [I think, I've never played Geometry Wars]. But, to be honest, it's free.

And beautiful. Pictures don't do it justice. When you're whizzing through space firing yellow bullets at mulitcoloured baddies, with awesome kinda neon effects, and sparks flying everywhere at the touch of a button, it feels, to paraphrase the late great Douglas Adams, like having your eyes smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped a large gold brick.

The motion is lovely as well, I play with the keyboard ¬.¬ but it still looks great.

The music is ok, not bad enough to affect my opinion of the game, not good enough to, well, affect my opinion of the game - and it's a generally really good play. You start off rubbish, but then you get used to the game. And occasionally, I've even found myself staring somewhere else on the screen while my ship careered between enemies... but those were flukes.

It's fun. Play it. NOW.

And Geometry Wars /is/ coming out on the Wii and DS. so be ready...

~d~, off to blast more vector enemies to neon hell.